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We manage to supervise every step of the manufacture process using only ingredients approved by EFSA and FDA.

Our quality control include tests of flavor balance, its PH, taste, flavor density and the perfect harmony between Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol so our customers can enjoy the supreme throat hit.

Even if you are a tobacco e-liquid lover of you want a more flavored alternative as coffee, cappuccino or fruit based e-liquid you have a wide range of possibilities, so you may choose your favorite.

Density is a very important measure and we build our products in a perfect balance of the ingredients so you can use them in tanks, cartomizers and clearomizers.

We save a sample from each batch of the manufacturing process and analyze the biological composition of it therefore questions like “Is it possible that I have purchased a bottle from a damaged batch?” to be avoided.  Also the packaging process is carefully examined, our dropper bottles being individually sealed and wrapped.

We have on stock over 1200 bases and flavors from the most important suppliers in Europe, America and Australia. We know that the main part of this industry is based in China where the quality is as low as it can be, so the tobacco range is only different in names. The guarantee term is a question that has no answer to those vendors. Tuscan liquid’s products are very different in taste and perception and also offer a date that assures that the compound can be vaped with no problem until a certain date.

The most important thing, we put at your disposal the customer service office in order to help you in matters regarding the products from the Tuscan palette. You can always contact us by email, live-chat, phone or fax.